Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Finished the March Madness Challenge

I started it not thinking I would really be able to finish it....and yet, I had to slowly read today to draw out my last few chapters so I could make it last.
I read this book in the month of March, and let me say what a difference it made for me in my life. I found myself longing to read it daily, and many days read more than the required 17 pages. I also found how much better of a mom, wife, and overall person I am when I read it daily. I am so grateful for the blessings I have felt and for the way it has changed me. Also, it was nice to read it so quick so as not to forget what I had read each day - reading it at once made it much more of a story. Now - I need other books for great reading....altho I plan on continuing this challenge for each month this year - hope I can do it!
Other book recommendations welcome!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Serving Our Country!!!

The above picture is of a man who has joined the army, and is training to help serve our country by fighting for us!
He is a man of great strength.
A man of courage.
A man who speaks up when he thinks something is wrong and corrects it to be right.
A man who is compassionate.
A man who is kind.
A man who is determined.
A man who is strong-willed.
A man who is sensitive and sweet.
A man who does things his own way, in his own time, and yet gets them right.
A man who stands up for what he believes in.
A man of faith.
A man of prayer.
A man who loves his country and is willing to put his life on the line to serve.
A man who loves God.

And this man is my brother!
Today he graduates from his training and upon talking to him I believe he is the happiest I have heard him in probably 10 years. He has been through hard training, terrible conditions, and extreme cold and fatigue, and yet he is SOOO great and seems to be on top of the world!
I am proud to call him my brother.
And I am proud of all that he has accomplished in his life the past few months.

In fact, no matter if he has to leave the country or stays here, I believe he has actually already won the greatest battle one could fight!
We love you uncle Al!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I think when I was made the Lord new I was meant to be with boys!
I was put in a family with 4 brothers and a great dad, where I learned to love sports, wrestle, tease, be teased, be a tomboy, LOVE sports, be sarcastic, hike, camp, eat a LOT of food, and hold my own when it comes to sports talk.

So when I was pregnant with Cash and found out I was having a boy I was actually relieved in a lot of ways. I know how to do boy. I felt confident I could handle it! Upon finding out I was pregnant with boy #2 I figured I had things down and the thought came to me that maybe I am meant to be a mom of all boys?! Although I would love to have a little girl someday, to dress up in bows and frills and dresses, and pass on my love of dance and design and share girl talk moments with someday, I must say I am just really REALLY enjoying being the queen of the roost and having ALL boys in my house! It is comforting, and over the past weekend while attending Cash's first (of what I hope to be many sporting events) soccer game and watching him run around and have so much fun, I realized how much I have to look forward to and how fun life with boys really is! We went from there to watching the NCAA tourny, getting pizza and wings, drinking sodas and having treats, and just enjoying life - I must say - I am at home with the boys! And I am just loving it!

Here are my 3 boys enjoying dinner and watching the NCAA tourny! (don't worry Grammy Cash is just drinking the rootbeer!)

I realize also that child #2 sometimes gets ignored by the camera for things and Griffin is NO exception. Back on Halloween when we blessed him I forgot to take ANY pictures of him in his blessing outfit! Yep - that is correct - he has ZERO pictures in the cute outfit Grandma Betty made him. So today, upon finding out that church was cancelled for the snow that is nonexistent outside, and getting a clean griffin bundled in a towel I decided maybe I should just try to squeeze him in a get a few pics late - better late than never, right? And another great quality of being a boy is he probably won't even care that I forgot to do this earlier or really appreciate that I tried to do it late anyways! Another boyish thing - not usually as senitmental as girls - but anyways - here is my cute little Griffi Grew at 8.5 months old and squeezing into his little blessing outfit we blessed him in at 3.5 months old!

Notice the pants are a bit short - and the arms on the coat too!
I know this is blurry but this picture actually looks like me as a baby (i think) so wanted to put it in
I barely could squeeze his long feet into these, that when we blessed him were so big I had to pretty much tie them on! They were his chinese item that I wanted to have him wear to symbolize his birth there and be a special thing for his treasure box!
The bottom of the shoes - doesn't it just look chinese-ish?
Well, enough mom - i would rather play with the shoe!
still sweet and innocent!
I LOVE this one!
Such a cute boy!
He is happy - even squeezed into this outfit that I almost had to rip the little cumberbun off to get him in it! (and it is NOT buttoned in the back!)
Chip gave him such a nice blessing - at least I have written down what was said in it from that day and the memories of it even if the pics are late - but aren't they such a cute pair?
Cash was feeling left out so he joined - and yes I know he is blurry in this one but Griff had a great expression so had to post it!
here is the 3 loves of my life - I TRULY am so blessed to live with these 3 boys!
Here you see how small his tails are!
I got these at the chinese market and thought they were the most boyish of the shoes and perfect for the occasion!

I wanted to include a few pictures from Cash's first game too - he was SO excited to get his jersey, and yet that didn't happen - but that makes him very easy to spot in his blue adidas suit!
It was freezing - literally - and yet he was the only kid not complaining of being cold, and in fact took off his jacket and wanted to just run around in his t-shirt and only put it back on because daddy told him if he didn't he would have to go in the car! It is just way too cute watching the kids and seeing how much fun they have. As soon as we were finished and in the car Cash said "I want to go play baseball now - can we?" Hmm.....think we are going to be going to LOTS more sporting events for this guy! I am one lucky mama!

Getting warmed up by huddling in the goals!
Getting ready to kick to the person across from them - GREAT IDEA!!!
Team Huddle - Brr....

I am loving life right now, and am just content with being amongst boys at home. And just in case our next little baby happens to be a boy - I already have a name picked out that I love! (altho that won't be for quite some time because NO i am not prego!)

Anyways, a short clip of Griffin included in his little outfit! Now, off to play "water guns" and build a fort with my boys! (aka nerf guns)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sad Game, but Great GREAT season!!!

Cutest little cougar fan of all!
Look I am standing!
(this post was supposed to go up before BYU game last Thursday, but the video never downloaded - oh well - the pics are still worth the post!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soccer Mom!

I have dreamed about this day for awhile - getting to take my kids to play sports and participate in recreational activities! Cash could NOT have been more excited!
I was worried it was going to be cancelled since it rained off and on all day and they cancel if it is even just wet at all on the fields - but they were able to have a few minutes of practice before calling it for lightning! Cash had a BLAST!!! He was so excited to go! He asked me all day long if it was soccer time yet!

Here he is kicking the ball into the goal!
Since he is a new player he doesn't have a jersey - but on Saturday will get one at his game!

I had to take pics and videos of first experience - i know, first time mom at this - but seriously it was as much fun for me as for Cash! He didn't want to go when everyone else was heading for their cars and kept telling me "mom, i need to play soccer, i need to..." so we were pretty much the last people off the field! I think it is safe to say he is as much of a sports lover as me! Upon getting in the car he asked - "are we going to play baseball now?" Hmm.....guess we will be busy year round w/ this little guy! Actually, as a lover of sports I am so happy about this and hope he tries them all out one day! As for now, i LOVE being a soccer mommy!

pretty funny watching the kids - here is his first video!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


O how I love March!
Spring breaks through the ground and puts us in happy spirits, flowers start to bloom, the march madness book of mormon challenge (which I am currently keeping up with and will finish in the month as planned), ward/stake mens basketball tournaments, and of course the NCAA tournament!

Chip's work puts together a bracket challenge, and filling one out makes it even more fun then it already is. I find myself caring about games normally I wouldn't even take a second glance at, just hoping my bracket will stay on top and win us the pot of money prize!
However, this year is even better because my team I do care about is doing great! Oh boy - love me the JIMMER!!! BYU is fantastic - and yes - hear I am going to admit - I would LOVE it if my bracket would lose if they could keep winning! I absolutely LOVE watching BYU and the excitment this team brings! So much fun! Last nights game was the best yet! Although I get extremely high blood pressure during the games, which makes me realize when my kids are in sports how really crazy I will be and stressed it will make me, but it is so much fun!

Hooray for being a BYU fan this year! What a great team and great showing!
Also, I didn't take any pictures but yesterday we cheered on Chip in our stake men's basketball tourny and can i just say I love my hubby as he plays basketball like a football player - also something very exciting to watch! When he would make a shot Cash would say - yeah daddy, good shot - we got ourselves a Jimmer! So cute and fun!

O I can't wait til Cash is old enough to play bball! I love it!
Happy March Madness!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

75 degrees and rising!

O it is a wonderful thing when we can get out in the beautiful weather and enjoy spring!
It is beautiful here, getting so green with the cherry blossoms coming and yesterday we took full advantage of the 75 degree heat, rolled the windows down in the car, and went to 2 different play areas so the kids could enjoy! They had a blast, with the highlight being an underdog on the swings for Cash, and the highlight for Griffin getting in the swings for the first time! I think it is safe to say he loved it!

Funny side note - as we were driving home I rolled the back windows down for the boys and all of a sudden I hear Cash saying: "mom, mom - I need to put my toes out the window - they need air, I need to get them air so they can breathe!" It was so funny, altho glad he really couldn't reach them out because he was sure trying hard! LOL

Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 degrees, so probably do it again! (unless I am too sunburned!) I can feel my arms a little and since they haven't seen sun in months think I might have gotten a little color! Bring on the warmth!

O my cuteness!

He liked the baby swings and the big kid swings! A big improvement from 2 months ago!

Cash not wanting his picture - but at the next play area he wanted it a lot and I missed out - so too bad these are the pics I have!

Cute cute CUTE Griffin - love his legs, and his super cute smile! (sorry for shadows - it was taken at 5 pm w/ my phone) Anyhow, Cash wore this outfit at 1 years old - and Griffin is only 8 months so think he is going to be a bit bigger if he keeps growing at this rate! He is 18.5 lbs now and eats a TON!!!
Brothers at the park - what could be better than being a mom of these 2?

A couple cute little clips of Griffin laughing as he swings! Such a cutie!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Traveling in Style!!!

We are SO excited about this stroller!
The boys love it, I love it, and I have a feeling it is going to be one of my favorite purchases of the year (or at least I hope since it is a bit spendy!)
Thank you Anne for recommending and letting us copy you, color and all!
Bring on the walks!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


After a playdate with Pierce, and his first time painting, I realized he needed some paints of his own! So our trip to Wal-Mart today ended with getting some paints and fun Toy Story pictures to paint (of course!) Cash LOVES to paint, and as you can see is a natural! His favorite color to paint with is purple! (Uncle Sam would love to hear this)

He is so much fun now! He uses super big words all the time and comes up with the most funny sayings - somehow using the big words correctly - such as "seriously dad?" "that isn't so - nope, that is not true!" "dag, nab it!" "i like this a lot mom! I really like it!" "that's annoying!" "hey griffi, we are just hanging out", "Shoot! That's a bummer" "i love you mom - are me and griffi your 2 favorite cute boys?" and my favorite....."your shirt is cute mom - you look pretty! (spoken last night!)"

He is such a little smartie - remembers everyones names and birthday months, places we lived, knows where he was born, recognizes all his letters and a word that starts with each, knows all his numbers, how to spell his name, remembers where I put things when I can't find them and goes and gets them for me, and even knows can do a few simple math equations! (ok, not really this last one!) But you get the point - he is pretty smart and is definitely my favorite 2 year old in this world!

Now, if I could just get him potty trained - any tips on this??? Need advice please!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poor Griffin!!!

This poor little guy woke up with the pukes last night!
I felt SOOOOO bad watching him, and yet it didn't seem to phase him much.
As soon as he threw up he was back to smiling and bouncing up and down!
Today he seems better - and is showing off his cute bib from Rian!

Let's hope we don't have another night like last night for a long time!
(NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT feed your 8 month old clam chowder - think this might have been the culprit!)

Monday, March 7, 2011


I went into Griffin's room to get him from nap and found him like this!!!
He just looked up and grinned through his binky and squealed in delight!
So funny!!!

Probably should tie this on or take it off - but hey, sometimes he will play in his bed for extra half hour with it? Am I so bad for not removing it?!?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

O To Love Oneself!!!

Wouldn't it be awesome if we were all were SO CONTENT with what we saw in the mirror!!!
What little things this guy finds joy in!
I am trying to be more like him!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Best Buddies!!!

I have THE CUTEST kids!
When I say "who do I love?" to Cash he responds with - "your two FAVORITE cute and griffi!" Yep - I hope they know how much I love them!

So sweet! Cash ALWAYS wants to hold Griff these days!
Love them!
Already looking up to his big bro!