Thursday, April 30, 2009


I know that one of the biggest helps for me in achieving my goals is if I WRITE the goal down!
I also know that if I tell people my goal and get their support it is even better!

Thus, here goes!

I have a goal to NOT drink ANY soda for the entire month of May!
I also have a goal of running another half marathon next month and improving my time!
I have a third goal of following Weightwatchers and eating healthier!

There it is.........written in stone (or close to it) and out there for your support!!! Here's to accomplishing goals! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HAVE YOU EVER.......................????


Well, I can now say that I have. Yesterday after doing a grocery shopping trip I was taking the cart back into the store (since there happened to be no place to put it in my aisle), and for some reason decided to carry Cash and push the cart (who knows why I didn't leave him in it). I was about halfway there, and all of a sudden I felt like I couldn't walk - something was blocking me at my feet. I looked down, and became HORRIFIED, as I saw that the running pants I was wearing (yes they were my husbands - thus why they were a little big) were literally at my ankles! Oh boy! I was so embarrassed, I let go of the cart, grabbed them and tried to pull them up as fast as I could with a baby in my other arm, and then looked around to see how many people had seen this debacle!

One older gentleman was in the same row and he was kind of chuckling and so, since I felt obigated to say something, I said "good thing I have spandex on right?" Well, I did have white spandexy type stuff on from my workout right before, but not quite the same as spandex - hope noone could tell the difference though? Needless to say, I won't be wearing my husband's running pants hopefully prevent future embarrassing moments!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 Years, and MORE in LOVE than EVER!!!

April 26, 2006: We were married for time and all eternity in the SLC Temple
April 26, 2007: We graduated from BYU with Masters in Accountancy (yep - we are nerds together)
April 26, 2008: We were living in NC, but went up to the DC temple and I was big and pregnant with Cash
April 26, 2009: We have moved again, have a cute baby Cash, and this year had to take our own Anniversary pictures!!!

Happy Anniversary honey - I can't imagine my life without you! You are the syrup on my waffles, the dressing on my salad, the mango in my smoothies, the note in my wallet, and the biggest love in my life. I love you so much and am happy we are in this journey of life together! Here's to many more anniversaries and memories to come! I LOVE you!!!

Chip made us a delicious Steak Dinner complete with his signature mashed potatoes!!! (neither of us could finish our steak though - look at the size of those)

Getting ready to dig into my meal!!!

This year our romantic dinner included this third party guest: and he enjoyed lemonade smoothie via his sippy cup!

Hanging out with our favorite little guy while Chip made the dinner!

NOTE: we didn't have someone take pictures of us outside this year like we normally do - so here is us trying to do our own pictures of the 2 of us!

Take 1: hmmmm.....not fast enough to beat the photosnap!

Take 2: too much wall, not enough face time!

Take 3: a little better, but a little awkward!

Take 4: My personal favorite

Take 5: gotta have a kissy pose on the day we celebrate our love!

Take 6: how Chip felt about all these pictures!

LOVE THIS GUY!!! Happy Anniversary my LOVE!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Missing These Guys Already!!!

My family came to visit and it went way TOO fast!!! We had a blast hanging out, hiking, touring, shopping, playing games, etc etc. Love these guys!

Sam and Cash upon arrival!

Hanging out before our first adventure!

Touring at Montpelier

Goofing off at the Temple at Montpelier

Family photo

Discovery: Cash HATES sitting on grass!

Being rescued by Grammy

Walking around Montpelier grounds

Garden tour

At our house before our big hike!

Cash and me before the hike!

Ready to go........not knowing what we are in for!

Halfway there - and boy it was steep!

At the top of Humpback Rock! What a view! A little scary since it drops straight down behind us!

Cash conked out 2/3 the way back down the mountain

Enjoying picnic in the park afterwards to relax! (notice Cash has a blanket since he hates sitting on grass)

My 2 biggest fans after the race was over: it was the best experience turning the corner and seeing Grammy and Cash cheering me on! Thank you family for all the support and cheers! It was great to have you all there! (The last time i ran one of these was in the year 2000!)
and yes, I know I am looking great all sweaty and gross! It was 76 degrees and I just ran 13.2 miles - come on!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


OK, so I have a goal to run at least one 1/2 marathon within the year that I have a baby! Today was Cash's 8 month birthday, and I completed the Charlottesville half marathon! It was an absolute beautiful day to run, but there were a LOT of hills, and I definitely am not as young and spry as the last time I ran one of these! However, I ran almost the whole way, even UP the hills, and am happy to cross that goal off my list for 2009! Pictures to come soon!

My favorite part: rounding the last corner and seeing my mom and baby waving and cheering me on at the finish line! My family is visiting for Spring Break and what a treat to have the extra cheerleaders and support! Thank you family, and hubby for signing me up!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Buy......or NOT to Buy?!?!?!?!?!?

So the offer was put in, the answer came back................and we GOT the house!!!! However, we are now unsure if we really want it! If anyone has the foresight of what the housing market will do in the next 2 years could you please give us the insight - is this a good investment or not?
Should we buy it?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Where have all the cadbury eggs gone?

I usually stock up on these the moment they hit the stores; however, this year the season came and went and I didn't even SEE them at a single store! What happened to them you might ask? Well, either they don't have them out here in the east coast, or somebody was smart and hid them every time i walked into the store to save me a bunch of unneeded calories, or people bought them up so fast that I could never get my hands on a single bag!

Oh well! I ate plenty of other yummy treats yesterday to make up for it! Hopefully I can find them next year to stock some eggs for Cash so he can enjoy my favorite treat ever! Otherwise, he might be stuck having those sick NASTY DisgUsting Peeps in his basket!

We didn't do any egg hunts or dying eggs this year - but next year I am sure we will get into the spirit more - however, we did have a nice day at church and a fun (and also very cold) dinner outside with friends! Happy Easter ya'll!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week of FUN events!!!

I SO enjoy my weekends when Chip doesn't have to work and we can just hang out and spend time as a family! This last weekend was especially nice to have him home for conference! We got to enjoy watching the sessions together (and even tho we have a little guy we still had peace as he slept through ALL 4 sessions for us!!!)

We also got to go to a conference brunch before the first session on Sunday, which had lots of yummy food and also great company with some members from our ward! We had some people over for dinner sunday, and also over for the NCAA tourny Saturday night after the boys went to priesthood! All in all, a great weekend! I love my little family, and conference gave me a renewed desire to be better and DO more! I loved the talks and the comfort and peace I felt about this crazy world, and the fact that amidst the craziness and chaos and stress and bad economy, we can still find happiness and peace and know it is a great time to be alive! This calms my fears about certain things and makes me so happy! It was a great weekend!

My 2 favorite boys at the conference brunch!

Look who just woke up right as conference ended!

What Cash did during EVERY session of conference!

YESTERDAY Cash had his very first playdate with Roxy. Sara and Roxy came down and spent the day with us and we had a blast. We hung out, fed the little ones their REAL food, put them down for naps, watched some good TV, learned a new hairstyle, took a tour of our new house (possibly), and just had a great time! The 2 little kids LOVED each other and it was SO funny watching them interact. The movie doesn't do justice to how funny they really were at the first, but it is still great! Thanks for coming and playing guys.........let's do it again soon!

Roxy might be 12 days older than Cash, but he is definitely bigger - and they had their first kiss - however, we missed that on film, but oh it was funny!!! What cute little munchkins!

Just chilling!

Just chilling!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great Souvenirs

I remember as a child being so excited for my parents to come home from a trip, just so I could see what treasures they had brought for me: whether it was a shirt from Hawaii, some shells from the beach, a postcard from a foreign land, a necklace from a quaint little shop along the way, etc. etc.

However, NONE of my gifts were anything like what my little sister has received over the past year. For some reason, my family members seem to have forgotten I am still a member and I get left off of every list they make when they go on their trips. My sister, as the youngest member and still at home, seems to benefit greatly! The presents have gotten so much better than anything I ever received, including an awesome set of pearls from China from Kevin (I am still gonna kyphe that ring someday muchi), a cute scarf from San Fran from my dad, a cute scarf from Alex from Columbia, some other cute jewelry from my mom from one of her many trips, etc. etc.

I am starting to see how many benefits being the youngest really has. Oh, and I forgot to mention all the stuff she got from me when she came to visit and we went shopping! (altho that had a lot of benefits for me too - as it was my idea and I had a blast picking stuff out for her cute school wardrobe!) Anyways, sometimes I wish they would remember me when they are on their fun vacations and that I would receive a cool souvenir!

Alas it probably won't be that way, but they have started to get things anywhere and everywhere (even at home) for someone else I know. And this has been great fun. You see, there is another member of the family who has become the center of the universe to us all! He is what every conversation revolves around, every gathering is spent looking at, everyone wants to hold and play with, and is the centerpiece at every dinner! He is our cute little son Cash! And he is now the new benefactor of everyone's souvenirs when they go on trips! So thank you everyone for the many little outfits, toys, and other souvenirs we have gotten (except the one that gave me a heart attack and I had to throw away to avoid future tearful moments)!
We do appreciate and have so much fun seeing what his presents are.........and I guess I can just be content to be happy watching him get all "my" souvenirs from you guys!

Kevi - this one is for you! Kevin and Papa Dave picked out a chinese outfit in china town in San Fran for Cash! He absolutely LOVES it - although it is still pretty big (everywhere but the neck, which now is too small to button)! I think he loves the silky material, because everytime I put it on he just gets so happy, smiling and laughing and touching the fabric!

I tried to get a full length shot....but need to have someone hold him standing up tho!

Ok, I will look for the picture.....and hold still for a second!

Yummy, I really am hungry can we just go eat breakfast?

Yes!!!! Finally, now for some real food! (i FINALLY got him a high chair - love it!)

For my mom's 50th birthday her and my dad went to CABO for a week! Boy I was jealous! They brought Cash back this cute little outfit - how cute you are my little muchacho!!!

His SERIOUS look!

love his eyelashes, which just seem to grow longer and longer every day!
lounging, and the full outfit effect (not so soft of material tho)

loved this, and he was standing up on his own here against the second he fell completely over and rolled onto the bed!
good thing it was a soft landing!

Then, Beth sent us a binky she found for Cash for St. Patty's Day! She had bedazzled it up especially for Cash, with a "dollar sign" out of rhinestones and rhinestones around the side of it --- perfect for "cash money", as we sometimes call him! He loves that too! We were cracking up when we got this - way too funny!

Love that dollar sign - way too funny!

Enjoying Mr. Binks (the name for all of his binkies)

Thanks to all for the many great gifts!!! And hey, next time you are out Cash would REALLY LOVE some pretty jewelry, cute scarf, or yummy chocolates!!!