Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to Dong Jiao

A cheap market where you can find anything!


3 different types of hot dogs, and skewers of raw meat

shops with hair supplies, nail stuff, cleaning supplies, bags, pets, sunglasses, clothes, and more

girls walking around holding hands (oh wait - they do that everywhere in china!)

camping gear

next to the camping gear, toilet paper and supplies

cars and bikes trying to compete with pedestrians for space on the road
every kind of nut you have ever heard of

kids just peeing right into the street where you walk (a good reason to hold off on potty training til we come back to US)

lots of bikes and scooters

try sitting like this guy - even for 2 minutes - we passed him when we first got there and he was still in that same position an hr later when we left!!!



street vendors selling potatoes or fruit - this guy yelled at me for taking his picture!!! AS IF!! People stare at us and take our pics all the time! I took it anyways wen he looked away!!!

These pics don't really do it justice, but it is one crazy place - luckily we did find what we were looking for - elastic!!!

When we got home Cash wanted a pic of him and Griff - a little dark but cute boys...my little market buddies!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Visit From Aunt Emma!

We were so lucky to have one of our favorite aunts to come visit!
Cash ran up and gave her a big hug, and she is first family member to meet Griffi!
The week went way too fast, and this morning Cash was asking for Aunt emma to do his spikes (in his hair)! We already miss u emma - but thanks for playing with us and a super fun week!!!

We hit all the best markets, visited The Great Wall, Tienneman Square, The Forbidden City, The Birds Nest, Water Cube, The best parks, got massages, saw an acrobat show, went to good dinners, saw her mission companions and did kareoke, lots more shopping, and picked out a new tv series to get hooked on together (you will always be my favorite tv show friend emmy!)
Overall we had a very packed, tiring, awesome memory building week!!!

Thanks emma for taking time to come see us!!!

Cash and Tate at Great Wall

Baby griff enjoying blanky from aunt emma and beth

Emma tried to give cash a haircut - he was not cooperatibe as last time - so one side isn't done still - lol

Emma at Great Wall

We had a pic just like this with cash at same age at thomas jeffersons home, so decided we needed one at Great Wall with Griffin

Great Wall fun

Ash and Tate met us there and we all had fun

Getting ready to go slide down mountain

They would not let me slide down with Griff in front pack - said it was too dangerous

Instead i had to take him on these - totally more safe...NOT!!! We were terrified a bit riding these up w/ Cash to the top - would never pass safety regulations in the US

View of slide from lifts

Griffin is a great traveller!!!

He enjoyed great wall in baby bjorn

After we got back he ad a nice bath - all clean

happy baby

growing every day

when he is awake - he is very squirmy - but also very cuddly!

what he does on most outings

Emma and Cash on great wall trip...cash loves this car seat

my fav bath shot

forbidden city

it was very hot here - and we were all worn out by the end

chip and ashley

the birds nest

Emma was sad to learn she was 2 years too late to see olympics

family hug

Cash got a little kite to play with

Inside te birds nest

the view of top

mommy and cash playing outside

cool shot of my handsome honey

Outside of water cube (building on back right)

Inside pool where phelps won 8 medals - emma sorry you didn't get to see it

Cash playing dressup in emmas hat and adellas jeans

the olympics were taking place when cash was born - i watched some of it while i was in labor!

Cash enjoying his hotdog on a stick

back view of tese cute true religion jeans we got my niece --- cash you look good in them too....but here w/ that hat u look like MJ!!!

We miss you already emma!!!