Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Way TOO MUCH Cuteness!!!

Griff LOVES to put clothes on, and especially likes to put things on his head. Always has us laughing and today was no exception!!! Amidst a quarrel with Cash, he went about putting these on, and after a little help to get glasses on correctly he was ready and happy and forgot all about the horse they were fighting over!!! LOVE THIS CUTE FACE!!!
He also LOVES to be outside and yesterday we went for what was supposed to be a little walk, and then ended up meeting 6 neighbors and other kids, with mom looking less than presentable, and feeling quite embarrassed that we were all in bare feet. But Griff didn't mind, and he was SO happy to sit on the step and proud of himself for getting here on his own!
This face he does whenever he is really happy - think he might catch a bug or two?!!
My favorite little smiley baby!
Now what?!
He has begun walking all over and in fact let go of my hand yesterday and walked across the street to the ball he wanted to get. (no cars of course I looked) Here are a couple videos of his first steps.....nothing cuter then a little toddling toddler!!!

Have a great day!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Always Fun When Kevin Comes!!!!

We are SOOOOO happy to have a family member living so close to us now. Especially this Uncle! We LOVE uncle Kevin.

Since he moved out here a week ago today we have had him up her for Wed and Thurs, and then also Friday through this morning!!! Good times for sure! We were so happy it worked out and that we got to have this fun time together before he is super busy with his school. Although Friday started off a little shaky, with the car he was buying being sold to someone else at 8 am and us wondering why we even drove down there and what would happen next, things worked out for the best......as they usually do. We found another one, test drove it, and it was even better and nicer than the first, and $1000 less so it all ends well. (pending the registration goes well today). We drove ALL around Richmond ALL day long, as in we were in the car for almost 11 straight hours, and then we got out of there just in time to avoid the hurricane and power outages that they had. Kev's power is still off and I hope it comes on before he gets home. My kids were troupers in the car, and had minimal melt downs/fights, and we were all excited that Kevin came back with us for the weekend.

On Friday night Chip was working late (as in til 2 am on Sat morning), so after the kids went to bed it was just Kevin and me. We were able to just sit and talk for a couple of hours and it was honestly so much fun. I don't think we have been able to just sit and talk like that actually ever before, and I will cherish it forever. I was able to learn all about Hollie and the more he tells me, the more I love her too....I think he has found the perfect girl for him, and I am SO HAPPY for him to be getting married. He will be a great husband and a great father. It was fun laughing about old times talking of funny stories, and just learning more about his life. I feel I have learned a lot this weekend and I love him so much. He is one of my best friends and I wish I could have figured this out years ago, but I am at least glad I have figured it out now and that we live close enough to get to see hopefully a lot of him these next few months.

We had a great time going to Bonefish on Saturday with the whole family, me squeezing us all in the car together and driving in the rain to enjoy the yumminess of it all, playing Monopoly Deal after the kids went to bed, watching a movie and just hanging out. Cash kept asking "is Hollie coming tomorrow?" and is really excited for her to come and to get to see her dog. All in all, it was a great weekend! We hung out inside all Saturday while Chip was at work, watching updates on the Hurricane and staying out of the rain, and we are SO glad Kevin was here to visit. Come back soon! Also, hope you have a good first day of school today too!

So excited to see Uncle Kevin
Silly faces!
Braving the back seat squished btw 2 carseats!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So today started off normal. We were deep cleaning the house to get ready for fall and winter. Cleaning out shoes, seeing what fits, what doesn't, what is old and needs to be tossed, what old pairs can now be dusted off and introduced for the new fall season ahead. My boys were enjoying trying on jackets and shoes and seeing what they get to wear. I got these really cute polo jackets/coats last year in China for them and they LOVED putting them on. Of course I had to get a few pics.

Cash's is still a little long in his arms - his red one from last year now fits perfect tho!!!
Griffin loves his older brother!
Love Cash's happy face!
Griffin is happy too!
Should be warm in these toasty coats!!! Bring on the fall! (the quality is horrible of these pics cuz they were moving and it was my phone...but still liked them)

Then, something INSANE happened. Something UNEXPECTED!!! Something SCARY!!! I was on the phone, talking to a friend, when my entire house started to shake. Literally, it was shaking and I was freaking out. I told her it was like an earthquake was hitting us......then I heard it. My washer and dryer were on and the washer sounded like it was going to explode. Seriously, I thought it was going to blow right through the ceiling. I was so scared and I grabbed Cash and Griff and told her we were going to die and I had to go and get us out of the house. Cash said "we can't go yet cuz my show isn't over..." and I still grabbed his hand and got us out of the house as fast as I could. I thought I had ended the call with Cecia, but nope, she was still on the line, sort of laughing at me thinking I was out of my mind, but a little concerned since I did sound pretty scared. Once we got outside I am not sure what I thought we would do. None of us had shoes, and it was super hot on the cement so we stood on a patch of grass on the corner. The house on the corner was shaking a little bit and I thought my washer was going to explode through their wall and was debating telling them to get out of the house too. However, then the sound stopped. I walked up to the front door and listened and heard nothing. I told Cecia I was going to go check it out. Cash ran upstairs to watch his show, cuz "mom you didn't pause it so I might have missed some!" and Griffin and I went to check the washer. It was silent now. I cautiously lifted the lid, and.......I KNEW IT!!!! Water covering ALL the clothes. It was plugged again, just like last time, was going to cost me $175 to get someone out here to drain and unplug it, be a super pain with all these wet clothes, and I was just plain sick of the cheapo appliances that the landlord put into this house. WHATEVER!!! As I told Cecia I figured out the problem the phone cut out so she didn't hear what it was. I went upstairs, super frustrated with the whole thing, frustrated that the cell phone service always cuts out down in the basement by the laundry room, and trying to call her back to tell her we were ok. I couldn't get through. I tried calling Chip. No luck there either. It would say it was dialing but could never hear a dialtone. I got a voicemail, and a text, but couldn't call out. What was going on with my phone? I was super super frustrated by now. Finally, I got the idea to walk over to the computer and call Chip from there. When I got to it and went to my gmail I got a message from Cheryl saying "did you feel the earthquake?" What? I thought to myself - is this a joke? I totally thought there was one but then it was just my washer - how did you know? Right at that moment Chip walked up the stairs calling out "hey guys - is everyone ok?" I responded we were fine why - and he said "didn't you feel the earthquake? It was a 5.9 and started right outside of Charlottesville!" What?!!!! I said - So it really wasn't my washing machine? You mean to tell me all is ok with that and it really was an earthquake and I just survived it and actually mistook it for a washing machine problem!!! This is too funny! Or actually not really funny but kind of scary. My heart started racing and I am just very grateful that nothing more happened and that we were ok.

After Chip left a few more little tremors came and Cash jumped off the couch and said "mom, the house is shaking again and it knocked me off the couch! It's moving again!" It wasn't moving much, definitely didn't knock him off the couch, but did get my heart to race again. I hope everyone is ok and the damage isn't bad. It was a very scary moment and I didn't think it was something I had to worry about here in VA. Well, I can now say I have been in an earthquake! Definitely something out of the norm for our Tuesday afternoons. Hope yours is disaster-free!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wacky Monday!!!

Today we decided to start off the week in a fun way!!!

Checking out his new straw - another fun birthday present!!!

Yeah, the milk finally reaches his mouth!!! Funny face!
Griffin has decided he is a big boy and wants to eat at the table with Cash, instead of his high chair. So here is his first lunch of pizza and pudding at the big table!
Oh boy this is fun!!!
Who knew sitting here would solve the eating problem today?!
My 2 "big" boys!
Love it!!!
Happy Monday - the start of a good week!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Tuckered Out!!!

This is how I feel EVERY week after church, but especially the weeks I take the kids by myself and brave the 3 hours. Anyhow, that is not what this post is about.

Cash, who NEVER falls asleep during any movie or show, and has decided he is too big for naps as of recently, was WAY TUCKERED OUT the day after his party. I looked over at him when I heard the credits rolling to the movie he was watching and saw this.

I asked him if he wanted to get up and go in his bed and he opened up his eyes long enough to make sure Buzzy was next to him and that he was staying there. Then he slept for another 3.5 hours. Too much partying I guess. And yes, Buzzy is by his side or in his hand AT ALL TIMES these days, even while playing with other toys.

I feel like taking a nap now, so here's to hopefully having a brief sunday afternoon rest before G wakes up and Cash decides he wants someone to play punching bag!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Bash For 3 Year Old Cash!!!

This celebration started well before Thursday. In fact, I started making his cake on Tuesday, and good thing too because it took me WAY longer than expected. Total time was probably somewhere around 10 hours. WAY TOO LONG!!! After the Lightning Mcqueen cake for Griffin Chip asked me how I could top that and that the expectation was now high. Cash and I looked for cakes online and at first he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake, then that turned into a Tigris cake from Kung Fu panda, then it was Mickey Mouse clubhouse, then it was Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, and then he went back to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake we had seen! It was cute and I thought it wouldn't be too difficult.

Let me just say one thing about cakes. I DON'T like making fondant ones, specifically COLORED Fondant - it was extremely difficult and I have all the more respect for those who make wedding cakes and other very awesome fondant cakes. It was much more work than I anticipated, although the end result and the look on Cash's face when he saw it totally finished was worth the work. I love you my little Cashee boy! Enjoy the pics of the festivities of his day!!!

A little preview of his cake the night before (although missing the figurines and the final touches here)
It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!!!
Breakfast of choice: cinnamon french toast with chocolate milk!!!
Must be good!
After breakfast we headed to Richmond to meet up with my cousin Chelsea and her kids and my aunt Suzie at the Botanical gardens. It was beautiful and had so many fun things for kids. They played in the water, then we picnicked in the park and Cash got a couple gifts. Here he is with Chloe and his gifts. What a lucky boy.
I wanted to bring Chloe home with me - she is SOOOOO good with little kids and was so helpful to my 2 boys. They loved her immediately and if she lived close by I would hire her to be my helper all the time (pending Chels could share her!) She is darling and so sweet!
So much fun at the climbing tree!
We also got to meet Gigi for the first time - she is such a cute baby. Chelsea and 8 month old Marjorie Kate! Fun to catch up with Chels.
Here is Evelyn on the left, and Felix on the right, and Berkley in the middle. Evi and Felix are Chelseas kids too and so cute and fun. Cash had a great time with them.
Cash didn't want to climb up as high as them, but he still had fun on this great big climbing tree! He has the Rosen gene of rosey cheeks when it is warm - and it was SOOO HOT!!!
Griffin is a little daredevil and had a great time playing too!
Next was the sandbox, and after China I was a little leery since we couldn't let our kids play in them there, but my boys loved it! Griffin even sat there for 1/2 hour playing, and NOT eating the dirt at all. It was great fun!
Then it was home, and after 3 hours of being in a traffic jam due to construction we finally made it - just in time to add the finishing touches to the cake, order and eat some pizza, clean up the family room (to Cash's request) and assemble ourselves again in time for guests to come over. Daddy was stuck up in DC traffic on his way back from Chicago and barely made it in time for the part too! But boy was it a great party. Cash was so excited and we all had a great time. Thanks to our wonderful friends who came and made his day special!

The cake, ready for guests to come over!
Happy Birthday Cash!
Looks so fun!
His name, the path, the fence, slide, shoe, clubhouse, and glove were all made of fondant - the bigger items were rice krispy treats covered in fondant! ooey gooey!!!
Cash was so excited about his cake!!!
Checking it all out!
He helped pick where the figurines went!
angel boy!
look at that!
Every kids dream!
super fun!

After daddy got home we hurried and lit the candle and sang!
Cash loves everyone singing to him!
He was beaming!
Checking out all the singers!
Ready, set, blow!!!
He got it! First try!
Then it was present time, and his friends were ready to help!
Bennet was SOOO expressive and kept saying "O", "O", to all the gifts! So adorable!
What is it?
Getting some help from friends with presents!
Next! Hands off!
His friends know him well -- he got a TON of Toy Story things!
Kendal and Killean with their gift to him - my favorite and something I have been looking for - felt boards with items that will be perfect for church!!!
Daddy got in on the action to help with gifts!!!
Cash has been talking non-stop about getting a Big Buzzy for the past 6 months. He tells everyone he is getting one for his birthday, and every time we go to the store he asks to go to the toy section to look at them, but not to get them, to just look because he is getting one for his birthday. On the morning of his birthday he asked if we could go to the toy store to get the one the sales lady was saving for him. (I had her tell him she would save it when I actually bought it with him there and bag it so he couldn't see....he was so good and although his lip quivered as he tried not to cry, we did make it out of the store with him thinking it was still there til his birthday, while me getting the last one and putting it in the trunk in front of his eyes. When he came downstairs he saw the presents and said "maybe one of them is a big Buzz mom! I think one is!" When he started opening presents he just was going through them so fast and kept wanting to get the big ones that were from mom and dad. We finally decided that he could open just 1 from us while his friends were all here.......so here it goes!!!
Opening what?.......the big BUZZ!!!
He was SOOOO excited, but turned to show the other people on that side of him first!!!
Happiest 3 year old ever. "It's just what I wanted mom!!! I got it because I am a good boy!"
He wouldn't put it down once he had it!
He even brought it downstairs to "watch" him swing at the pinata. (We tried to get a mickey mouse one to go with the theme but all the stores were out so we settled on a lightning mcqueen)
Daddy did the rope, and the kids swung!!!
Lucy getting ready for her turn!
Loved watching Chip enjoy it as much as the kids!
Hit it!
Killean takes a turn!
Cash was just happy here because he is holding on to the Buzzy box!
See mom!
My most favorite toy - the space ranger!
All the little kids went first and then it was the big kids turn - Jaden takes a few swings here!
Then the dads turn - here is Mike in action - love the faces of everyone behind him.
Where is it? Again, the faces of the crowd are great!
Totally wish I had a video of daddy trying. It was hilarious, but I didn't have my phone til his turn was over. Get it daddy, get it! Seriously entertaining!
We let Cash try to break it after everyone had their turns - he did pretty good!!! After Lance bashed the rest of it and the kids got all the goodies!

We didn't even finish opening presents after people left because he was so happy with his Buzz, we were all tired, and it was bedtime. So instead he told us we could wake up and open them the next morning!!!

He woke us up early again so we could open presents. Looking a little tired still here!

Think this presents tops all!
"Buzzy needs to watch me open them mom!"
What is it?
A way cool book of puzzles!
Which one next?
Such concentration!!!
I enjoyed watching him open them all by himself - a present pro now!
Gift from Grammy!
YEAH!!!!! Toy Story legos!!! "Ooh, I love them"!

What a great week of celebrating my handsome little buddy Cash!!! I love you with all my heart and am so glad I have had you for the past 3 years. Your sweet spirit, super smart memory, and the millions of "I love you and I think you are pretty moms" melt my heart heart each time. I love having you at home and am so happy you had "the bestest birthday you ever had!" (in his words) Happy 3rd birthday to my little Cash Owen Brown!!!