Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 Months Already!!!

Time has flown since this little girl arrived exactly 3 months ago today!!!
Boy how our lives have changed.  She has now lived in 3 states in these 3 months!
Daddy has switched jobs, we've moved across the country, the boys have gotten accustomed to her and love her too, and I spend way too much time oohing and ahhing over her cuteness!  

I love her chubby little thighs and cheeks and find myself constantly squeezing and kissing her!
She is so sweet, and yet so determined.  She has already managed to flip herself part way over and dare I say she might be my first crawler as she loves to be on her tummy and can push herself up already.  I love her to pieces and today she has been a little sick so we have spent a lot of time holding her and snuggling her and loving her!  Here's to many more months ahead my sweet little missy Ivy Jane!

Her 3 month stats:
Weight: 12 lbs. 14 oz.  - 50%
Length: 24 1/2 inches - 75-90%
Head: ??? (can't remember) - 50%
Growing perfectly and we love our little chubby cheeks girl!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Life is Great Right Now!!!

I feel SOOO blessed and happy these days and was thinking about why!
First I have 3 great kiddos - and they love each other!  Nothing makes me happier than watching them interact together or with me and showing their love.  I came around the corner the other day to Griffin looking in on Ivy in her bassinet and talking and loving on her.  I couldn't help but grab my camera super quick and capture the moment!  It was precious.  Now he isn't always showing his love - as in yesterday he tried to bite her fingers off and she did NOT love that and screamed for 15 minutes straight hard and loud (with bite marks remaining in her fingers for about 1/2 hour later), but for the most part he is very sweet and tries to love her in the sweetest way he knows how!

Love him!

 He was so into her!

 He was holding her hand and patting her cheek just cooing at her and it was so sweet!

I LOVE this little baby girl with all my heart!  She is so sweet and cute and so much fun - and getting a smile from her just melts my heart.  With her little giggles and smiles each day we just can't get enough of her!!!  Not to mention she is the best sleeper ever and that is great too!  Love my chubbiest baby yet!

And this little boy - is my absolute favorite 4 year old ever!  He is so smart, so funny, and keeps me on my toes.  Besides being able to sing the BYU fight song, he knows the first 3 articles of faith by heart, numerous primary songs, and is just full of life and energy!  He says the funniest things and uses big words daily in the correct way which surprises me, but also makes me laugh.  I love that yesterday at church when we came in to sacrament meeting (which yes is last...ugh!) I sat down and Cash said "how was Relief Society mom?"  When I started laughing and said "good Cash thanks for asking!" he then responded, "but mom, what did you learn in Relief Society?"  Man he keeps me on my toes!  Also, on Friday when I came down all dressed and ready to head out the door he said "mom - you look so pretty! You look as pretty as uh, uh.......uh, as pretty as a button!"  I was laughing for awhile on that but what a sweetheart! (and yes I do say Ivy is as cute as a button a lot I guess!)  

So Yes I feel my life is great right now because of these three little sweethearts who keep me very busy, tired, running, laughing, moving, and happy all the time (or most the time!)

I also feel really blessed to be where we are.  I was NOT initially excited about the move to California. And for those who know me well you probably know that I was, in fact, less than excited and somewhat pessimistic even about it.  I didn't love it when we were here in January-April, and just didn't want to come back.  However, my thoughts have totally changed.  I absolutely LOVE it here.  I love our house (not the fact we are so close to the neighbors or have no yard or pay way too much for it), but I love the inside, only 2 levels, LOVE the kitchen, LOVE the location, and just LOVE getting to start over and decorate and get it all done up again!  I LOVE the ward we are in - it is by far the friendliest, most outreaching ward I have ever been too, (which says a lot cuz we have moved a ton!)  The people are SO nice, tons of young families and kids, great primary and nursery leaders, wonderful families and Bishop, and just already a great group of friends and other girls and moms to hang with for me!  We have playgroups, girls nights, park dates, and tons of other get togethers always going on and I think we are just fitting right in!  That is the biggest blessing I think!  Such a great ward!

Then, I wasn't a fan of coming to a place that has the same weather everyday - perfect as some would say - but to me that sounded not so great because I LOVE the seasons, and especially fall - but I must say - I am LOVING it and enjoying the breezy, sunshiny/overcasty beach days and not getting too hot when we are at the park and outside at the beach and it has been wonderful!  It is especially nice to just open the door and let the beachy breeze in every night!  And I like not having an AC in the house or having to worry about turning the heat on because it is just so perfect inside!  A small savings on the financial side of things but a great perk!  And look at my morning views when I run down to the beach!  It is breathtaking!

 I am close to SO MUCH shopping and retail that whenever I need a break I can just go on over to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or World Market, or Home Goods, or Del Amo Mall, Z Gallery, etc etc and we have a Cafe Rio a few minutes away and SO MUCH MORE!!! 
I really must say my life is great right now!  I feel so very blessed!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Chilling Poolside with the Crofts!!!

Today we went and had a playdate in this lovely backyard!  When I told Cash we were going to play with Pierce he told Chip - "this is the best day of my life!!!"  It was so cute! They were buddies back in Cville and now live only about 40 minutes away in Yorba Linda!  So we set off and what a great day it was.  The neighborhood they live in is absolutely gorgeous, the house is great, and then there is the backyard!  Seriously PERFECT don't you think.  I loved it and we all had a great time chilling poolside for a few hours catching up! It was wonderful!  We love the Crofts - thanks for letting us in and spending the day with us!!!

So pretty!

Cash and Pierce in the hot tub part - which really wasn't hot but a good place to get used to the water!

 Griff wasn't so sure about getting in so mostly spent his time walking around the outside and sitting on the side of the pool.  My daredevil has lately become quite a scaredy cat - which I am TOTALLY FINE WITH!!! :)

Cash got scared halfway down the slide for the first time to the point I had to run inside and get into my swimsuit and come out and Cecia had to climb down the slide and push him off to me.  So the next time I went with him....he still isn't sure of it, but I decided it was great fun and did it a few more times!

However, he can totally jump in and go under so he would be fine going off the slide again - he wanted me to send this to his daddy!!!  Always wanting to make him proud!!!

Me and my boys!

We are all looking now!

 Ivy decided to join in the action too - at first she wasn't so sure!  It was a little chilly on her little chubby leggies!

 She was wondering why it wasn't hot like the bath - but she never cried and even decided she liked it - and Cash's face is great in this pic!

 My little sweetheart - way too much fun with her these days!  I love it!

 Cecia and Cash - chilling - couldn't barely get this boy out when it was time to leave - he wanted to stay all day!  Once he figured it out he was jumping in, going under, and swimming everywhere in this life vest!  With swimming lessons he would be a fish in no time I am sure!!!

 Thanks again Cecia for the great day!  We love you guys!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ivy Giggled Today!!!

 This little girl's giggle melted my heart and made me happy all day long!  Never will forget the moment!  She laughed, then I laughed, and then Griffi couldn't stop laughing!  What a happy morning we had!!!  Love our little princess!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cashee Turns 4! August 18, 2012!!!

What a FUN weekend we had celebrating the life of my favorite 4 year old!  To say he was excited was an understatement!  Cash has understood the concept of his birthday and presents since he was 1.5 years old and so has always given me a birthday list, told me EXACTLY what kind of cake he wants, and what kind of party!  This year he wanted a pirate themed cake and party.  Being in a new place, and having had a HUGE party last year, we decided to keep it more of a family celebration and then invited one of his friend's families over for dinner on Sunday to celebrate in a pirate matee way!!!  It turned out great and I am glad he said it was the best birthday ever!!! (phew!)  

On a side note funny story so I don't forget.  We were walking through Target when he saw a toy he wanted and told me that he forgot to add that to his birthday list.  I said "you have a birthday list?" He said "yes, but I keep it in my head!"
Me: How many items are on that list?
Cash: about 8 or 10!
Me: Wow - that is a lot of presents - did you know some people don't get any presents for their birthday!
Cash: Mom - that's silly - everyone gets presents - why would they not?
Me: maybe they just don't celebrate like that - or maybe they don't have enough money to do a lot of presents!
Cash: mom - you are being silly- well, you have lots of money!
Me: well maybe we don't!
Cash: Mom - that is silly - dad works a lot! So he has a lot of money - if he needs more just tell him to go to his office and get it - he can get however much he needs from his work!
Me: If it were only that easy! (under my breath)
Cash: Mom - it is that easy! Just go get more money from dad's office! Oh, and I want to invite those people who don't get presents to my party and maybe give them one of my presents!

This little scenario is typical of Cash - he is such a SWEET SWEET boy with a tender heart and is such a good little kid.  He was born innately good and always tries to do what is right!  He is so smart and already knows the first 3 articles of faith by heart and also the Cougar Fight Song - which we sing EVERY night before bed (so now I know it too.....you now know what Chip sings when he tucks the kids in)  He is the best older brother, a great help to mom, loves his little sister and Griffin, and makes friends wherever we go!  Within 5 minutes of being at church at our new ward he already had a new best friend named Owen and he is a pleasure to be around!  I am so glad I have had him these past 4 years to keep my life exciting and fun!  He is sharp so keeps me on my toes and sometimes calls me out when I need it - the other day I was mad at something and he said "Don't get so mad honey!" in this funny tone with an inflection that all I could do was burst out laughing - he was copying how his daddy has said it before and it really actually worked - i couldn't stay mad after he said that and instead we all just laughed and now he says it anytime he thinks I am mad to try to get me to laugh and not be mad! I love this little boy more and more and can't imagine life without him each day!  He is an early bird like me, and comes in always between 6 and 7 every morning, and has worked hard to learn not to wake Griff up too when he gets up!  We have fun and learning time every day now when Griff goes down for naps and I enjoy so much the time we have, just the two of us!  
I love you my little Cashee boy!!!  Happy 4th birthday!

 We had a treasure hunt to find his big present first thing Saturday morning - Griff helped out!

So did Hannah - so fun having Hannah, Emily, and Becky, Ryan, and Ryland with us to celebrate!

 Last clue - found it!

 What's in the box happy boy!

A brand new........BIKE!!!

 Excited to help put it together - saying "this is so awesome" the whole time!

Inside for breakfast and a few presents!

Hungry Hungry Hippos and some binoculars! Sweet!

A new car, and Griff got one for his birthday too so they can play together from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Becky!

Then off to the beach where I managed to not get any pics of the birthday boy, but did get some of Ivy Jane in her new little swimsuit (thanks Danielle) and Cash told his aunts - "yeah, Ivy has this swimsuit and it's blue with white on it and flowers and it's so adorable!"  They thought that was hilarious and we all laughed - altho she is pretty adorable!  And she had fun hanging out with Ryland who is 2 weeks older than her!  She liked him so much she grabbed his face :)

Saturday night mom went to work on making the cake Cash had asked for for his special dinner on Sunday!  Here is how it turned out!  He loved it!  A treasure chest cake!  And boy was it yummy!!!

 We had a great time with the food, creating a fun menu and having WAY too much fun burning the edges and making it even more Pirat-ee! (is that a word?!)  So much fun coming up with ways to make the food sound pirate like!  And it was delicious too!

A picture of the food and the Whale's Tail salad we made!

 The B.O. biscuits were in the treasure chest, the Sparrow's soda, and the Catch of the Day Goldfish!

 Our cute little labels we printed off to put on the sodas - so much fun!

The table!

 Cash was way excited to blow out the candle and actually chose this cake because of the "pop rings" as he calls them (aka ring pops) on it!  Huge hit with the kids!

 Blowing the candle out!

 Lovely treasure in the cake!

 Then  it was pinata time!  Our tree out front made for a great place!

 Griffin got in on the action and had so much fun hitting it too!

As well as watching everybody else hit - love G's face here as Kate swings!

 Cash really wanted to open it so Sarah pulled out a metal bat to help hit a little harder!

 Last swing before dad helped and the candy came out!  
What a great day!
Thanks especially to Aunt Emma for helping me do the dinner, and our family members for making him feel special, and the Sanchez family for coming and sharing his day and giving him an awesome airplane toy present which he loves!  What a great weekend of celebrating!